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Currently there are no workshops planned for the remainder of 2017, however please check this page for news of up-and-coming events.

• A typical workshop includes:
• Introduction to Rasa Shastra (Vedic Alchemy) theory
• Ayurvedic concepts of health and well being
• Why use alchemical ingredients
Summery of materials: minerals, metals, gemstones, plants and animal products
• Therapeutic differences between a bhasma and pisti
• Shodhana, bhavana and marana (perfecting, triturating and incineration)
• Equipment used in Rasa Shastra
• Working with Rasa materials (health and safety)
• The science of taste, potency and the special actions of Ayurvedic medicines
• Sapta Dhatu and Ojas (the seven tissues and immunity)
• Amrita Karana (nectarisation of materials)
• Rasa Shala (the alchemical pharmacy)
• Introduction to Jyotish (Vedic Astrology)

Munich, Germany 16th-18th June. This 2017 workshop included:
Navaratna (nine gemstones) Mayur Piccha (peacock feather) Moti (freshwater pearls) Samudra Phena (cuttlefish)

For follow-up information please Sebastian Hirsch:
Lemgo Flyer 2017
Lemgo, Germany 4th-7th May. This 2017 workshop included: Nilama (blue sapphire) Samudra Phena (cuttlefish) Anjana (antimony)
Aveleha (medicated jams) Pittala Bhasma (brass oxide) Thilam (medicated oils)

For follow-up information please contact:
Hans-Peter Diehl
Munich Flyer 2017